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35 Years of Cottons

A look at the journey of Cottons Chartered Accountants as we celebrate our 35th anniversary…

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The secret to getting an amazing accountant at a local rate...
The secret to getting an amazing accountant at a local rate…

When it comes to selecting an accountancy firm, businesses can feel a little overwhelmed by the range of choice presented on the local market. It is easy to be intimidated by approaching a larger accounting firm. There is a common belief that the high level of service offered by these larger accounting firms comes at a greater cost.

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Is it the end of the line for PILONs?

Our very own tax expert, Matthew Harrison has written an article for Green Umbrella in which he discusses why it could be the end of the line for tax free PILONs

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Cottons accountants on bicycles
Cottons Sponsor Daventry Cycle Sportive

On Sunday 1st July 2018, Cottons Chartered Accountants were proud to sponsor Daventry’s Cycle Sportive, an event designed to get the entire community out on their bikes at the same time as supporting Cancer Research UK and the MacMillan Cancer Trust.

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Cottons June News

It’s been a busy month here at Cottons, We’re moving forward with our app, Making Tax Digital initiatives, local partnerships & events and staff development. What’s more, we are adding new members to our team as our firm continues to grow.

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Changes to Residential Property Tax

Our property tax experts have put together this definitive list of all recent changes to property taxes and given advice on how to manage them.

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A Partner at our Northampton branch
Cottons Partner Discusses Property Tax at Industry Event

On Tuesday 5th June, Will Smart, a Partner from our Northampton branch, attended the first Leamington Landlord and Investor event put on by Newman Property Experts.

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The app for Cottons Chartered Accountants displayed on a smartphone
The importance of understanding technological advances for business

Why business owners need to face up to the challenge of Mobile and Smartphone growth

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East London Street
Our London branch celebrates its first year!

Our accountants have been in London for one year now, here’s the story of the latest office in the Cottons Chartered Accountants network.

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Emma Reid Makes Partner

It is with great pride that today we can reveal that Emma Reid, former senior accountant at our Rugby branch, has accepted a promotion to become a Partner at our firm.

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Why We’re All Moving to The Cloud

In Britain, where we are often subjected to four seasons in one day, we could all be forgiven for wanting to see that back of clouds for good. However, there’s a new cloud on the scene and it’s one that business owners need to embrace…

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How Open Banking Can Empower Businesses To Grow

“Open banking” is a new directive which was introduced in the UK in January. It has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies manage their finances, access capital and make strategic decisions. A number of innovative companies are currently testing and developing uses for open banking by registering licences from the Financial Conduct Authority. In this piece we explore some of its most useful potential applications for businesses.

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Track your mileage with the Cottons App!

Do you claim for business mileage – and spend hours Googling the places you’ve visited to work out the miles you’ve covered? Well, thanks to the Cottons App, you can now get all the information you need permanently recorded on your smartphone.

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Receipt Manager from Cottons

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Cottons. There’s an app for that!

We have launched a powerful new app to save you time and money. Here’s everything you need to know.

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a famous landmark in Rugby
Happy 10th Anniversary Rugby!

Our Rugby office is 10 years old this month and we couldn’t be prouder of what has been  achieved in that time. Let’s celebrate the branch…

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